LTK Update 30/06/20

Another month has come and gone, again I would just like to say a big heartfelt thank you for supporting LTK over the last 3 Months!! (the time frame is insane as we closed on 20th March!!) However you have supported LTK, through a simple message, training online, continuing your monthly membership, taking part in the challenges, it has been heart warming and humbling to know we have a great group of support! Hopefully July will bring in some new changes that may see us training together again!

LTK Sparring equipment

Sparring is an essential part of being a member of LTK, and certain sparring equipment is required to take part effectively and safely. Owning your own sparring kit has many advantages, historically I have provided kit for students to use, though due to the current Covid situation it is advisable you purchase your own.

1) Are you outgrowing your karate suit? If so renew your suit and a basic sparring kit will be included. (kit includes hand mitts, leg guards and mouthguard)
2) Buy your own sparring kit. There are 2 types a Basic Kit (recommended for junior grades) and an Advanced Kit (recommended for senior grades) Both sets include gloves, mouthguard and leg guards.
By September 2020 LTK will no longer provide sparring kit for student use so you will need to have your own set to take part in this part of the syllabus.
Message me for details, prices or any questions! SENSEI LEE