Mixed Martial Arts

MKG Presteigne & Llanidloes - Mixed Martial Arts.

Lee has introduced a new class under the banner of the Minnesota Kali Group (MKG) which covers martial arts such as Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Panantukan, Muay Thai and Combat Submissive Wrestling.

Whether you are looking for a great way to get in shape, to relieve stress or to learn from the best, then MKG Presteigne & Llanidloes is the place for you! Our fun, relaxed, atmosphere is welcoming to all levels of martial arts interest. The MKG training methods, class structure and training equipment are all designed to create a martial arts experience that is safe yet effective. 

This could be the most fun you will have learning a serious martial art. From day one you will be hitting pads and learning to react to attacks in effective ways. Confidence, health and sense of well being. This is the true anti-aging formula!

MKG will help you:

Build Confidence. Improve Fitness. Feel Great. Aid Weight Loss. Have Fun!

"Creating more functional, more peaceful individuals for a more functional, more peaceful world" - Guro Rick Faye

MKG Llanidloes: 

Monday 8pm Llanidloes Function Room

MKG Presteigne: 

Tuesday 7pm Presteigne Memorial Hall

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Monthly Membership:

After receiving your trial lesson the monthly membership fee is £25 payable by Standing Order, Bank Card (50p surcharge required) or Cash

The monthly membership fee equates to the student receiving 4 lessons a month (or 48 weeks) I do not charge for the 5th week in certain months which means up to 1 months training FREE can be accumulated over the year (or 4 weeks for holidays etc)

After a month a student license will be required, which registers the student with the BCA

MKG -The Arts

The MKG method covers the following martial arts, and studying different arts simultaneously is a great way to develop; each art seems to help the assimilation of the others. As these different arts mix an explosion of technique and training method develops. 

Jeet Kune Do-JKD

In the 1960/70s the late Bruce Lee, with Dan Inosanto, researched every martial art they could – what emerged was a compelling and completely new system of training. The mixing of the best techniques for striking, trapping and grappling from each art they studied, as well as developing training methods to perfect these, made this new ‘art’ a very dynamic and complete system – renowned for its economy of motion. JKD is a mix of high energy kickboxing drills, intricate trapping, locking and in-fighting and occasional ground tactics.


Kali (sometimes called ‘Escrima’) often serves as an umbrella term for all the Filipino martial arts. However, our focus includes a wide spectrum of weaponry – staff, stick, blade and knife as well as weapons of opportunity – the objective being to perform techniques such as counters, disarms, sweeps and locks in flow.Whilst ordinary people don’t carry weapons, we believe that training in a weaponry art greatly improves your chances of escaping an attack from someone that does. Our classes emphasize safety first, but are fun and rewarding to learn – they improve hand-eye coordination, balance, footwork, timing and how to manipulate the opponent. 


Sometimes called ‘Dirty Boxing’, Panantukan (Filipino Boxing) (pan-nan-too-can) is the Filipino Boxing system. This method is traditionally used as a back up system for the weaponry. At MKG you will see it featured as a primary system.Many people want to learn the empty hand system for self defense, health and skill development from Kali.  The self defense skills are obvious from the first day. The health benefits are felt over time as you train both sides of the body and progressively get in better shape.   Stress relief, weight loss and true martial art skill are benefits of these classes. Panantukan uses all possible portions of the hand and fist as well as the elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and feet for striking. Sometimes called ‘dirty boxing’, Panantukan’s self defense applications are easily apparent.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand - an awesome display of strong offence with a constant focus on defensive structure and legendary endurance! Fighters are called “Kings of the ring”, where they may strike any part of the opponent, utilising the 8 weapons of the body – fists (punches), elbows, feet (kicks), and knees. Our curriculum has been developed by Guro Rick Faye – but derives from the legendary Ajarn Surachai Sirisute. “Master Chai” – as he is respectfully known – is a former Muay Thai champion of over 70 professional fights in his native Thailand, is responsible for introducing Muay Thai to America, and is the founder and President of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA.

Combat Submissive Wrestling-CSW

Combat Submission Wrestling is the Mixed Martial Art curriculum from World Light-Heavyweight Shootwrestling champion, Erik Paulson. A mix of Shooto (Shoot Wrestling), Muay Thai, Boxing, Savate, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle and Catch as Catch Can Wrestling, the curriculum can be taught to any level and is extremely effective.