September Newsletter



WELCOME BACK! So what happened to August? That seemed to be the quickest month so far this year! On a positive though it means LTK is now back to training at ALL clubs at the normal times so looking forward to seeing you all again. Get ready to work hard! There are a few events coming up and we now have a new podcast for you to follow! As usual full details on what's happening below! 
Happy Birthday in September to:
Robin Ellis, Thomas Shailes, Milo Thompson, Romily Ellis, Olivia Powell, Ethan Harris-Austin, Chloe Walsh, Will Preece, Ted Pert, Emily Fielding, Finlay Luter, Heidi Ellis. Have a great day and check your email for a LTK birthday message!

New LTK Podcast!
LTK now has a podcast called The 10 Minute Dojo with Sensei Lee. Another great way to learn whilst away from the dojo. Episode 1 is now live on various platforms called 'Who Am I?' where Lee states who he is, why a podcast, and why the 10 minute dojo? Click the link below and follow the podcast for future episodes! Click HERE!

Brendan Westwood Seminar  
For any of the LTK students 14yrs and above (any black belts) we have a mixed martial art session with the MKG UK & European Chief Instructor Brendan Westwood on Sunday 9th September at Presteigne Memorial Hall. A great session not to be missed! Flyers have gone out but full details click here Brendan Westwood Seminar 
Outstanding Club Fees
There are some outstanding club fees for August. I know August can be an awkward month due to holidays but  please ensure these are paid up the next time you are at the club. Emails have been sent out and payment can be via Cash, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Card machine. Many Thanks.

Calling All LTK Black Belts!
This will be the final black belt session of the year so I hope you can all attend. This is a great opportunity for all LTK Black Belts to come together and train. Since the last black belt grading we now have a great group of LTK black belts so it would be awesome to train together! It will be 11am-1pm September Sunday 23rd Presteigne Sports Centre followed by a mixed martial art session 1-3pm that you are welcome to attend free of charge. 

Sparring Training/Competition
Recently I have had enquiries from students at all of the clubs expressing an interest in developing their fighting/sparring skills further with a view to possibly take part in tournaments/competitions. LTK sent out emails to purple belt junior students and all colour belt adult students to gauge interest and we had a trial training session back in August which was well received! We are planning an Inter Club competition along with training on Saturday 6th October at Presteigne sports centre 10-2pm for those interested. Emails will be sent out so please respond.

2 Weeks FREE Training during SEPT 2018!
Start on any LTK programme at anytime during September 2018 and receive  2 Weeks FREE Training! We have a programme to suit everyone including Childrens Karate, Adult & Teens Karate, Mixed Martial Arts. We look forward to training with you, no experience necessary and all abilities catered for. You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great! Come along and try with a friend or pass the information on to someone you think would like to!

LTK APP Upgrade
Lee Taylor has created the Lee Taylor Karate App for your Android smartphones and tablets and it has just had a major upgrade and re-design. What this means is that LTK students can have video references of Karate at your fingertips! The app is updated regularly and contains exclusive videos on LTK Syllabus, Kata, Pad Drills, Seminar Footage, Dojo footage, along with other content as we continue to expand the LTK app. It is a great way to improve your karate when you are not at your club. Click HERE and download yours today for only £1.79 ! GET YOURS TODAY!
LTK YouTube Channel
If you need video references of LTK Kata  then you will find them on our YouTube channel. Click here to subscribe LTK YouTube Channel!   
Mixed Martial Arts!
We now have 2 mixed martial arts classes at Presteigne & Llanidloes. So if you always wanted to learn martial arts but Karate didn't take your fancy, come along and try mixed martial arts. You do not need to be fit, or young, just the will to turn up! Llanidloes is every Monday 8pm at The Function Room, Presteigne is every Tuesday 7pm at the Memorial Hall. LTK adult students are welcome to attend in addition to their Karate class.
Black & Brown Belt Grading
The next LTK Senior Black & Brown belt grading will take place on Saturday 17th November at Presteigne Sports Centre. Eligible students will receive their invitation at their club, and emails will be sent out! LTK senior gradings only take place every six months so try your best to attend or you will have to wait for the next one in June. 

Until next month!
Train Hard - Train Safe - Have FUN.