September Newsletter



So what happened to the Summer Holidays!?!? Well I am ready to get back to the dojo to see you all and start training hard again, how about you?
Thanks to all the students & parents who took the time to take a karate pose picture, they were all great, I will be giving out a little prize to all who took part next week! 
Happy Birthday in September to:
Milo Thompson, Molly Gamble, Louis Boughton, Olivia Powell, Finlay Luter, Will Preece, James Stephenson, Saffron Barrett, Emily Fielding, Chloe Walsh, Ethan Harris-Austin, Jake Nwogu. Have a great day and check your email for a LTK birthday message! 

Womens Kickboxing:
This session will re-start on Wednesday 6th September 7-8pm at Presteigne Youth Centre, so no more excuses ladies come back ready to work!
This is open to anyone who wants to try it out for the first time, no fitness level or experience required, just the will to turn up!
1st session free then £5 per class.
Come and give it a go, lose weight, get fit, kick butt have Fun!
Class Time Change:
Presteigne Tuesday class will start at 6pm for Juniors starting on the 5th September. The 30mins change should not cause too many disruptions. 
MKG Presteigne & Llanidloes:
If you always wanted to try martial arts but thought Karate wasn't you, then come and try mixed martial arts the MKG way!
Lee is also a Level 1 instructor for the Minnesota Kali Group which blends 5 different martial arts into a great class. Suitable for all levels and beginners.
We now have 2 clubs Presteigne at the Memorial Hall on Tuesday's 7pm and Llanidloes at the Function Room on Monday's 8pm.  
For Teenagers/Adults with no experience or fitness levels needed, just the will to turn up and try!
Come along for a Free trial, you have nothing to lose!
Cheques for payments:
From September I will no longer be able to accept cheques for payment of training, courses or gradings, due to my local branch closing and the time and cost it takes to process them. There are still plenty of ways to pay including Card machine, Bank Transfer, PayPal and good old fashioned Cash! Thanks for your understanding.
Brendan Westwood Seminar:
We have the honour of hosting Brendan Westwood who is the UK & European Director of MKG (Minnesota Kali Group) for the first time here in Wales. Sunday 1st October 10-2pm Presteigne
Brendan is also the owner and head instructor of MKG Bournemouth with an impressive martial arts career spanning over 20 years this will be a special seminar not to be missed!
This is open to LTK seniors who have trained with me in mixed martial arts. Contact me if you are unsure whether this session applies to you.
Summer Sparring & MKG Session:
The last session before the summer break was a great LTK sparring session. Thanks to those who came and made it a great session! Lots of different sparring drills covered including using seats! Then lots of rounds of sparring to finish! Great work by all, see you on the next session soon! Straight after this session we followed it with a MKG session, attended by LTK students & MKG students, making it an awesome training day for all!

Training for Sensei Lee:
Even though LTK closed for a break over the Summer period, training continued for Sensei Lee. He traveled around the country to train with his instructors to ensure his knowledge and skills are up-to-date for LTK and MKG students. First stop was Bournemouth to train with Brendan Westwood the MKG UK Director (who we are hosting, not to be missed) which was a great session! Second stop was in Wakefield to train with the BCKA Chief Instructor Peter Consterdine and WCA Lead Instructor Iain Abernethy (these guys sign the senior LTK grading certificates) for a very tough, technical, sweaty session! 

Monthly Membership Fee:
LTK clubs have now been running for over 10 years and during that time the monthly membership fee has only increased twice, even though expenses for running a karate club continue to increase every year. That is why from October of this year the monthly fee for a student will increase by only 50p a lesson. This price is still very, very competitive compared to other karate clubs in the area and other activities. This equates to £24 a month per student for Karate, payable as usual at the start of every month. (The £2 discount for additional family members still applies.) Full details will be given out in due course and if you need further clarification please contact me. Thank you for your continued support of our group.
Until Next Month, Train Hard, Train Safe, Have FUN!