May Newsletter



May is always a bit of a disruption to training due to the bank holidays and half term, but LTK have put on extra training sessions, black belt only session, to keep you going! Senior Black & Brown belt gradings are on the horizon for June so make sure you have all the information you need!
Happy Birthday in MAY to:
Cally Trumper, Maddie Cross, Callum Spence, Jessie Hazell, Harri Nesbitt, Doti Westerman, Dylan Wild, Claire Bailey, Eli Bailey, Nathan Traylor, Heulyn Jones-Morris, Jesse James, Morgan Lewis. Have a great day and check your email for a LTK birthday message!
APRIL Student of the Month:
Now that we have completed another month training we can award the student of the month at each dojo! 100% attendance, working hard, being a great partner, respectful amongst other attributes make up the award. LTK is more than just kicking and punching! 
Congratulations to:  Gethin Evans of Llanidloes /  Imogen Rogers & Bella Smith of Presteigne / Noah Heaven of Weobley / Harry Nesbitt of Rhayader
May Bank Holidays & Half Term
Llanidloes Dojo will be CLOSED on the May Bank Holidays, Monday 6th & Monday 27th. There is an extra training session to help make up the sessions. Details below. ALL LTK Clubs will then be CLOSED Tues 28th - Fri 31st for half term.

Llanidloes Extra Training 
These are for ALL LTK students from ANY Club, ALL ages and ALL grades and put on to help you progress with your karate. The next one will be at Llanidloes Sports Centre Saturday 11th May  10am-12noon. £10. (Free to Llanidloes students who pre-pay for May's monthly fee by standing order and lose 2 Monday sessions due to the forthcoming Bank Holidays. Check with Lee for clarification)

Black Belts Only Session
This is a great opportunity for all LTK Black Belts to come together and train, the last one was back in January which seems a lifetime ago! The next one will be Saturday 11th May 12am-2pm £15 at Llanidloes Sports Centre. You are welcome to attend the extra training session prior to this at 10-12 free of charge
Sensei Lee Seminar 
On Sunday 9th June 12-4pm Lee will be joining forces with Andrew Rheeston and Leigh Simms to deliver an awesome session on Karate at the Joseph Chamberlain Sports Centre in Birmingham. Any LTK Seniors who wish to attend and support Sensei Lee then drop him an email. This will be a great day!
Black & Brown Belt Grading:
The next LTK Senior Black & Brown belt grading will take place on Saturday 22nd June at Presteigne Sports Centre. Eligible students will receive their invitation at their club, and emails have been sent out! LTK senior gradings only take place every six months so try your best to attend or you will have to wait for the next one in November. 
Summer Fete Karate Displays
Presteigne Karate club has been kindly asked if the students would like to take part in Presteigne Carnival on Saturday July 13th. Emails and flyers have been sent out so please let me know if you would like to attend. We could have some great Fun and I'll buy you all an ice cream!!!
LTK Gradings
For Junior colour belt gradings they will be held at the clubs during the following months of the year:
June Monday 17th-Friday 21st / November Monday 18th-Friday 22nd

New LTK Podcast
LTK now has a podcast called The 10 Minute Dojo with Sensei Lee. Another great way to learn whilst away from the dojo. It is available on various platforms. Episodes 10 is now live! Click the link and follow the podcast for future episodes! Click HERE!

Update to the LTK APP
The app has recently been updated and contains videos on Kata, Pad Drills, Seminar Footage from Lee and other Instructors along with other content as we continue to expand the LTK app. Click HERE and download yours today for only £1.79 ! 

LTK YouTube Channel
If you need video references of LTK Kata  then you will find them on our YouTube channel. Click here to subscribe LTK YouTube Channel!  

Staying in touch
Please make sure LTK has an up-to-date email address so we can keep in touch with you. Our software sends out emails with current info and birthday emails, so if you have not received any of these please let us know. You may need to check your junk/trash/spam folder as your email may not recognise it in the first instance, then move it to your inbox. Postal address and phone numbers need to be kept current as well.

Social Media
LTK has various ways to keep in touch with current events and info. We are on FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram search LeeTaylorKarate and you should find us! 
Until next month!
Train Hard - Train Safe - Have FUN.