June Newsletter



June is always a busy month at LTK, we usually go out into the community and give sessions or displays with no exception this year! Then at the end of the month the big LTK Black & Brown belt gradings!! Always a great day seeing students push themselves to reach the next level. LTK Junior gradings for eligible students will also take place this month. Full details below. 
Happy Birthday in June to:
Harry Hawkins-Selly, Joshua Peck, Charlie Day, Paul Hassett, Imogen Rogers, Mair Thomas, Alfie Stokes, Callum Lloyd, Ben Rogers, Oliver Gore, Millie Price, Oswyn Blakeway, Mal Parkes, Kyle Fielding, Will Lloyd, Memphis Heritage, D'yani Hinds-Williams. Have a great day and check your email for a LTK birthday message!
MAY Student of the Month:
Now that we have completed another month training we can award the student of the month at each dojo! 100% attendance, working hard, being a great partner, respectful amongst other attributes make up the award. LTK is more than just kicking and punching! 
Congratulations to:  Evie Jones & Milo Thompson of Llanidloes / Kyle Thomas & Paul Hassett of Presteigne / Tommy Spence of Weobley / Emily Fielding of Rhayader

Black & Brown Belt Grading:
The next LTK Senior Black & Brown belt grading will take place on Saturday 23rd June at Presteigne Sports Centre. Eligible students will receive their invitation at their club, and emails have been sent out! LTK senior gradings only take place every six months so try your best to attend or you will have to wait for the next one in November. 
Summer Fete Karate Displays
Weobley Karate club has been kindly asked if the students would like to take part in 2 Summer Fetes. In Weobley on June 16th and in Eadrisley on July 7th. Emails and flyers have been sent out so please let me know if you would like to attend. We could have some great Fun and I'll buy you all an ice cream!!!
LTK Junior Colour Gradings
The next LTK gradings for junior colour belts will take place week commencing Monday 18th June through to Friday 22nd June. All eligible students will receive a form and relevant grading book at their dojo. For those students who have recently joined at a LTK club in the last couple of months you will be eligible to grade at the next one. Any questions on the grading process please email Sensei Lee at
August Dates
The LTK training timetable at the dojo changes during August, we are open for the first 2 weeks of the month then we close. Full details of the times and dates will be issued soon along with emails, so keep an eye out!
Extra Training Session
These are for ALL students, ALL ages and ALL grades and put on to help you progress with your karate and will take place on  Saturday 10am-12noon. August Sat 11th Presteigne. This session will also help cover any missed sessions during August.
Black Belts Only Session
This will be the final black belt session of the year so I hope you can all attend. This is a great opportunity for all LTK Black Belts to come together and train. Since the last black belt grading we now have a great group of LTK black belts so it would be awesome to train together! It will be 11am-1pm September Sunday 23rd Presteigne followed by a mixed martial art session that you are welcome to attend free of charge. 

New LTK APP for your mobile devices!:
Lee Taylor has created the Lee Taylor Karate App for your Android smartphones and tablets. What this means is that LTK students can have video references of karate drills / kata / bunkai information at your fingertips! The app will be updated regularly and will contain videos on the following topics: Kata performance, Impact and Pad Drills, Seminar Footage from Lee and other Instructors, Karate Throws, Locks and Ground Drills, Forthcoming Events Info, Along with other content as we continue to expand the LTK app. Click HERE and download yours today for only £1.79 ! 
Social Media
LTK has various ways to keep in touch with current events and info. We are on FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Google , LinkedIn, and Instagram search LeeTaylorKarate and you should find us! 
Until next month!
Train Hard - Train Safe - Have FUN.