December Newsletter



Wow what a month November was! Congratulations to all students who received a new belt during the month whatever the colour well done and keep working hard. For those who were not quite ready the next opportunity will be here quick enough so keep at it! Don't miss the LTK Annual Seminar in December to end 2018 with 4 hours of awesome training, be there! 
Happy Birthday in December to:
Harri Davies, Neil Webster, Harvey George, Aron Peck, Teddy Moffatt, Chloe Lloyd-Bithell, Ashia Day, Max Dontenville, Marleigh Lewsi, Finn Gilbert-Jones. Have a great day and check your email for a LTK birthday message!
November Student of the Month:
Now that we have completed another month training we can award the student of the month at each dojo! 100% attendance, working hard, being a great partner, respectful amongst other attributes make up the award. LTK is more than just kicking and punching! 
Congratulations to: Damien Davies & Gethin Evans of Llanidloes / Grayson Davies, Paige Thomas of Presteigne / Luke Baker-Jones of Weobley / Luc Jones of Rhayader

LTK Annual Seminar
It will soon be time to end 2018 with the LTK Annual Seminar, which is to celebrate the year and have 4 hours of awesome training! It takes place on Saturday 15th December 10am-2pm, £15 at Kington Sports Centre. A chance to drop off the kids and get some Christmas shopping done! Full details HERE - with guest instructor Mick Tully! 20% Discount for those who have attended extra session during 2018, Check with Sensei Lee
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
As this will be the last newsletter of 2018 I would like to thank everyone involved at LTK for making it a great year. Thanks to all the students, parents, instructors, assistants, friends and families of the group for making LTK what it is, a great group for training and learning Karate. We have had some great sessions at each dojo, fantastic extra training sessions, awesome guest instructor seminars, and fabulous gradings during 2018. I look forward to another bumper year for 2019. Have a great Christmas and New Year lots of love and best wishes to you all.

Christmas & New Year Dates
Llanidloes Dojo final session will be Monday 17th December and will re-open on Monday 7th January 2019
Presteigne Tuesday Dojo final session will be Tuesday 18th December and will re-open on Tuesday 8th January 2019
Weobely Dojo final session will be Wednesday 19th December and will re-open on Wednesday 9th January 2019
Rhayader Dojo final session will be Thursday 20th December and will re-open Thursday 10th January 2019
Presteigne Friday Dojo final session will be Friday 21st December and will re-open Friday 4th January 2019
New LTK Black Belts
Congratulations to the new Black Belts, it was an honour to award you this grade and proud to have you in LTK wearing the prestigious belt. A special mention to those who were promoted to Adult Black Belt showing great skill, attitude and motivation during the grading. Final special special mention to 3 LTK students who were awarded another Dan grade which is a massive achievement, Jessie Hazell and Callum Fielding achieving 2nd Dan and Neil Webster for the groups first ever 3rd Dan grade! 

New LTK Podcast
LTK now has a podcast called The 10 Minute Dojo with Sensei Lee. Another great way to learn whilst away from the dojo. It is available on various platforms. Episode 5 is now live called 'Listeners Questions' Click the link and follow the podcast for future episodes! Click HERE!

LTK APP for your mobile devices
Lee Taylor has created the Lee Taylor Karate App for your Android smartphones and tablets. What this means is that LTK students can have video references of karate drills / kata / bunkai information at your fingertips! The app will be updated regularly and will contain videos on the following topics: Kata performance, Impact and Pad Drills, Seminar Footage from Lee and other Instructors, Karate Throws, Locks and Ground Drills, Forthcoming Events Info, Along with other content as we continue to expand the LTK app. Click HERE and download yours today for only £1.79 ! 

LTK YouTube Channel
If you need video references of LTK Kata  then you will find them on our YouTube channel. Click here to subscribe LTK YouTube Channel!  

LTK Monthly Membership Fee
As a reminder the Monthly Membership fee to Lee Taylor Karate secures the students place and must be paid even if the student misses some lessons, this creates commitment to their club and their training. All paid by Standing Order, Bank Card (50p surcharge required) Bank Transfer or Cash at the start of the month.
The monthly membership fee equates to the student receiving 4 lessons a month (or 48 weeks for the year) I do not charge for the 5th week in certain months which means up to 1 months training FREE can be accumulated over the year (or 4 weeks used for holidays etc)

Until next month!
Train Hard - Train Safe - Have FUN.