Online Dojo

The purpose of this section of the website is to help students with their training when they are away from the dojo, whether it is referencing a kata video, bunkai drills, or reading an article. If you would like to see something specific on this page please drop me an email.
Heian / Pinan Kata
Here you will find videos of kata that make up the Lee Taylor Karate syllabus for junior grades, which can be used as reference for practise. They do not however replace invaluable training time in the dojo with the instructor.
There is also a FREE eBook on the 1st Kata of the Heian series available to download!

Senior Kata
Here you will find videos of Naihanchi, Kosokun Dai, Ananko and Seipai kata which are for senior grades only.

Kata List
On this page is a list of kata that predominantly appear in our foundation style of Shito-Ryu from the founder Kenwa Mabuni, but also from some of his teachers including Ankoh Itosu and Kanryo Higaonna. A very big list!

A brief history of Karate is included on this page along with history of the masters who founded the 4 main karate styles to come out of Japan, Shito-Ryu, Gojo-Ryu, Wado-Ryu and Shotokan. Also a brief history of Lee Taylor his karate background and development of LTK.
Here you will find the most commonly used Japanese words that may appear in your karate lesson. From counting, to karate stances, to kicking and punching, it is all here at your disposable. Most words sound pretty much the same as you see them! Give it a try!
Articles / Downloads
In this section there are a selection of articles from various liked minded martial artists, that you can download and use to help improve your knowledge and understanding. Topics include kata bunkai to self improvement and much more. Enjoy!

LTK Dojo Creed
Through my experiences in martial arts and karate over the years, it has led me to develop the following creed, which is at the heart of Lee Taylor Karate inside and outside of the Dojo:- Strength Respect Humility Generosity. Here you will find an explanation of the terms but students can also have their own interpretations.

Dojo Code of Conduct
This page sets out the rules and expected behaviour of all involved at Lee Taylor Karate. The code of conduct are general guide lines, along with dojo rules for students, parents, instructors and volunteers.

On this page there is advice and guidance about the issue of bullying, how to recognise it and help dealing with it, with links to various organisations that offer support. 

Skills For Life
This brand new Skills For Life programme is designed to enhance the students experience as a practising karateka and member of Lee Taylor Karate. The programme will help the student work towards their next grading whilst developing skills and connecting them to the club, school and home life.

Self Protection Skills
On this page there is advice and guidance on the topic of protecting yourself with skills that include threat awareness using the Cooper Colour Codes and the 4 D’s to ensure your safety from potential attacks but not to become paranoid.