Iain Abernethy Seminar 2019

Iain Abernethy & Lee Taylor Seminar Sunday March 17th 2019

Once again LTK is hosting Iain at Presteigne dojo for another fantastic seminar on practical kata applications found in the Kata of Karate.

The seminar will be covering classical throws and takedowns along with their associated pad drills. Lee will also be teaching pad drills for Kosokun Dai Kata. Prior knowledge of the kata is not necessary.

Click HERE to visit Iains website.

Open to all styles ideally suited for 14yrs and above. 

Contact me today and book your place!

Call 07976914617 or Email

Seminar Details

Time: 11am - 3pm

Venue: East Radnor Leisure Centre, Broadaxe Lane, Presteigne, Powys. LD8 2YT

Cost: £35 per person


Use this PayPal link https://www.paypal.me/leetaylorkarate/35

Bank cards can be used on the day if required along with cash but reserve a place in the first instance.

Don't miss out! I look forward to seeing you there for another great seminar!