British Combat Karate Association

Lee Taylor Karate is registered and recognised through the British Combat Karate Association. After 17 successful years of service to the self defence and mixed martial arts community through the British Combat Association (BCA), Peter Consterdine 9th Dan launched a new Association to cater specifically for the interests of the UK Karateka the British Combat Karate Association (BCKA), which will provide a home for the traditional (all styles), freestyle, sports and the more combat (jutsu) oriented club or group.


British Combat Association

Being registered and recognised with the BCKA, Lee Taylor Karate is also recognised through it's parent association the British Combat Association, the UK's premier multi-style martial arts organisation for the past 19years. The BCA has achieved a worldwide reputation as the organisation that has the innate depth about both the relevance and practise of quality martial arts. This allows Lee Taylor Karate to deliver a full, modern and exciting programme ensuring all students have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


World Combat Association

Encompassing the BCKA & BCA is the World Combat Association. Lee Taylor is recognised as an Instructor with the WCA and so is Lee Taylor Karate as a group. The Lee Taylor Karate syllabus was the first to be recognised and certified by the WCA. Overseen by Peter & Geoff the WCA is lead by Iain Abernethy (WCA Chief International Coach) who has extensive international experience with his renowned seminars. The WCA offers a range of services providing a superb resource for traditional martial artists wishing to expand the practical boundaries of their art.