Iain Abernethy

Lee Taylor is one of a small number of people that I would unreservedly recmomend to anyone seeking high quality functional karate. Lee combines strong traditional technique, solid realism and deep understanding to teach karate in the way it should be,b ut so rarely is. Lee is also friendly and very likeable giving a prospective student all they could want from a teacher

Al Peasland

I have known Lee for quite some time now and have been fortunate to train alongside him and have him as a student. The fact that Lee is prepared to take himself out of his comfort zone and enter into arenas outside of Karate is a credit to him. This attitude of openness and willingness to continue to search for more and add that to his own wealth of knowledge exemplifies everything I believe a true martial artist should be. Lee's passion for teaching and sharing his experience with his students is at the same high level as the material he teaches. I am proud to consider Lee a student, a fellow instructor and a friend and fully endorse anything Lee sets out to do within the world of Martial Arts and Self Defence

Geoff Thompson

Lee Taylor is a senior level martial artist, he graduated with distinction from my masterclass and black belt course. He is one of those rare instructors that is not afraid to challenge the martial norms in search of improvement and truth, he faces and dissolves his fears almost on a daily basis. He is also a physical powerhouse, very few people in the world of martial arts can hit as hard as this man. I highly recommend him as  a martial artist and friend

The Webster's - Family Members

I’m Neil, my wife is Debs and then there is Sam. We wanted Sam to get more exercise and as he quite liked the idea of doing a martial art we decided that to encourage him Debs and I would take Karate classes with Lee too. I must admit I was a bit nervous about that first class - what would it be like? I’m on the chubby side so could I keep up and also could I really find the time to do this each week? I shouldn’t have worried. Lee Taylor is a great instructor and very friendly. He took time to work with each of us and  has got to know what we can and can’t do. Lee wont except less than 100% effort but he also knows that everyone is different and has their own personal levels of fitness and ability and will help you train at your level. We have all got fitter, we feel more confident and I think  that having a common interest has brought us closer as a family unit. However, the one thing I never expected to get from Karate which has been the most rewarding is friendship. Not just from Lee and his family Nyree, Phil and George, but from the great people that make up our club, and from outside the club.

Kelly Latham - Parent

Attending the Presteigne Club Bailey gets to meet and make new friends from Presteigne and surrounding towns with other club members. Interacting and socialising with different age groups is building his confidence and self esteem. Going 2 nights a week and extra lessons when available, Bailey is learning dedication, self discipline, respect for his Sensei and others in the group. It’s important to attend regularly to enhance his knowledge and techniques, but like any child sometimes after school he wants to sit on the sofa and watch TV, but with encouragement he always enjoys it and has a smile on his face afterwards. It’s not just self defence that he learns, there is so much more besides.

Martha Williams - Teenage member

I started karate a couple of years ago when I was 13 or so. I was really looking forward to it until I actually had to go to the first session, which made me really nervous! After the first class I realised there was nothing to be worried about in the first place, I had a fantastic time and really felt welcome. Since then karate in Llanidloes has always been the thing I look forward to each week. I’ve definitely gained a lot of confidence and feel I can look after myself much better now. I’ve never felt bored or like I might want to stop, the classes go at a pace for you to keep up with, and have regular gradings to keep you enthusiastic and show you how you’ve improved.