The 10 Minute Dojo Podcast.

LTK now has a podcast called The 10 Minute Dojo with Sensei Lee. Another great way to learn whilst away from the dojo. The podcast is now live on various platforms including Google, Spotify, Apple, Radio Public, Stitcher, Pocket Cast, with more to come!  Click the link below and follow the podcast for future episodes!

LTK App!

Lee Taylor has created the “Lee Taylor Karate App” for your Android smartphones and tablets. What this means is that LTK students can have video references of karate drills / kata / bunkai information at your fingertips! The app will be updated regularly and will contain videos on the following topics:Solo Kata, Impact and Pad Drills, Seminar Footage from Lee and other Instructors, Karate Throws, Locks and Ground Drills, Forthcoming Events Info. Along with other content as we continue to expand the LTK app.

Click on the link below to download yours today for a one off fee £1.79 !!!.

Heian/Pinan Focus Mitt Drills DVD.

The drills outlined on this new DVD by Lee are designed to enhance your skill and understanding of the Heian kata series, bridging a gap between solo practise of the forms to your bunkai drills ultimately leading to kata based sparring allowing you to develop impact of the kata techniques in a safe way.

You can train these drills immediately as they were designed not to be long and complicated, they are also a stand-alone system of drills as knowledge of the kata is not essential.

Running Time approx 17mins. All DVD's are region free and the correct format for your part of the world will be automatically dispatched

Click here to message me for full details and order your copy today!

'Having witnessed these drills first hand, I have to say that they are excellent drills and really will give you something else to play with when you thought the Heian/Pinan kata had been done to death. Great drills highly recommended.'

Heian/Pinan Kata & Bunkai. The Fundamentals.

The Heians or Pinans are widely the most recognisable and practised kata in Karate circles today, and they are the foundation within the LTK syllabus for all students. 

This book is a valuable resource for all students of LTK who wish to have a better understanding of these kata to help them progress through the belt system, and can also be used as an aide memoir when away from the dojo.

Click here to buy from Amazon or Lulu.

'Lee's book helps show that Karate can be a very real solution to the problem of civilian self defence. It is an excellent read and I highly recommend it.'

'I bought this book for my young son and it is a great supporting tool for practising at home, especially when he has a grading coming up and needs to be reminded of his kata. Not a large book but definitely worth the money, quality not quantity.'

'A good addition to my bunkai library on these kata. I don't think it matters which style or version you practise, the information presented is still really useful to furthering your knowledge and practise of these kata. Illustrated by good photos which makes the information clear, the structure of the book is easy to follow.'

Ananko Kata Form & Function

Ananko Kata Form & Function is the new book released by Lee. Ananko kata is a senior black belt kata so is ideal for LTK's black belt students as an aide memoir.

With over 300 detailed pictures this book shows how a kata can be deciphered, analysed and practised  allowing it to become and effective tool for a physical confrontation.

This book not only crosses the boundaries of karate styles but also any martial art, allowing the practitioner with varying levels of ability to take what they need from it, use it for their own study, thus building a solid foundation from which to grow.

Click here to buy from Amazon or Lulu.

'This book isn't about the Ananko kata. It isn't about the bunkai of the kata, it is more about a Martial Arts Instructor on his own personal journey. A journey that has required him to remove the blinkers of a single style and approach his art and training laterally, which is how our founding fathers of this beautiful world of martial arts intended us all to study and grow.'

'Lee understands the way kata works and in this book he reveals how Ananko contains knowledge of great value to the modern day martial artist. Personally I don't think it matters if one practises the kata or not in order to benefit from reading this book. Those who practise the kata will be inspired and delighted at the information it contains. Those that don't practise Ananko will find seeing Lee's approach in action an inspiration that is sure to help them explore their own kata.'