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There is so much more to Karate than kicking & punching!

  • Do not worry if you have never tried Karate before, beginners are always welcome regardless of age or fitness
  • Our students and instructors are there to make you feel welcome and support you throughout your time at Lee Taylor Karate
  • Most people who start training in Karate want to get fit and healthy and develop the confidence to look after themselves, all of which can be delivered at LTK
  • From a complete beginner to Black Belt and beyond, we have a programme to suit your needs.

Womens Kickboxing

Not your typical exercise class! Womens Kickboxing is designed to suit your ability and fitness level. No experience necessary as the instructor guides you through at your pace.

Tired of the same old fitness class and want to try something new? Come and give it a go you have nothing to lose!